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New England Alpine Climbing Camp
Possible locations: North Conway, Mount Washington, Cannon Mountain, Katahdin
difficulty 5.5 and up

If you love climbing, gear, and big cliffs, you will love this camp. This camp will feature a smaller student to guide ratio for maximum individual attention and more complex climbing routes.

One of the only camps in the U.S. climbs major classic alpine climbs. The final climb list will be dependent upon the ability of the climbers and the condition of the climbs. Possible lines include: North Conway area: Whitehorse Ledge - multiple climbs, Cathedral Ledge - multiple climbs; Cannon Mountain: Lakeview, Whitney-Gilman, Moby Grape; Mount Washington - Pinnacle Buttress; Katahdin - Armadillo, Flatiron, Chimney, Hanta Yo.

Each day involves a full day of climbing. Participants in this camp should have RockPro III or equivalent skills and be in excellent physical condition.

Day 1: Travel to Franconia Notch practice anchor transitions and rappelling, get packed for alpine start. go to a crag to practice or practice at campground?
Day 2: climb Whitney Gilman Ridge, camp in the notch
Day 3: travel to Millinocket, camp at Roaring Brook
Day 4: move camp to Chimney Pond
Day 5: alpine start climb pamola, knifes edge, summit, descend cathedral or climb Tabor Wall, descend hamlin ridge. camp at CP Day 6: rest, hike to blueberry knoll if you climbed in S basin & back to Roaring Brook. camp at Roaring Brook.
Day 7: travel back to Orono.

It is our goal to send RockPro V campers home with advanced technical competencies, an understanding of best technical practices for climbing and a greater desire to climb more.

Campers will sleep in tents separated by gender. We stay in public campgrounds such as Bar Harbor Campground, Franconia Notch State Park, and Park’s Pond Campground. Campgrounds have a bath and shower facilities.

Overnight  campers join the leaders in preparing delicious, healthy camp meals. Vegetarian options are available as well. Sample evening meals include pasta with sauce and salad, vegetable stir fry w/ chicken side, etc.

Meets at Alpenglow Adventure Sports / Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School at 92 Main St. (Route 2), Orono, ME, unless otherwise announced.  Meeting time on the first day (Sunday) is 11:00 a.m. Pick up will be at the same location at 11:00 a.m. on the final day (Saturday).

__Day pack – appx 30L (1800 ci)                                   
__Backpack or duffel bag large enough to hold all your gear
__20 - 30 degree sleeping bag *
__72” x 24” ground pad or inflatable pad such as ThermaRest *
__Crazy Creek camp chair (optional)
__2 one-quart water bottles
__Hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers
__Insulating inner layer of clothing such as  polypropylene  
__Insulating middle layer of clothing such as fleece or wool
__Lightweight, loose fitting long pants that dry quickly
__Warm socks (wool)
__2 tee shirts
__Rain jacket and pants
__Headlamp or flashlight
__Journaling supplies (optional)
__Sunscreen / lip balm
__Insect repellent
__Unbreakable cup, bowl, spoon and fork
__Toilet kit (toothbrush, comb, etc)
__Camera if you want

Climbing Gear
__Climbing Shoes *
__Climbing Harness *
__Climbing Helmet *
__Belay Plate*
__Locking Carabiner *
__Chalkbag *
__Gear Rack (optional)

* Rentals available

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